Viral! This kindergarten teacher throws away and expels students from class

VIRAL on social media is a video showing a teacher committing violence against students. This case first appeared to the public after being uploaded in the Facebook group “Negeri Sembilan Kini”.

Reporting from the World of Buzz Saturday (27/3/2021) in the viral video, a kindergarten teacher can be seen picking up his student, then slamming him in anger. After that the teacher shouted, driving the student away from his class.

One of the things that became the spotlight of netizens was the presence of another teacher who seemed silent witnessing the violence.

“If you think you can not handle the behavior of children, you better stop. Many people can replace you,” said one netizen in the comments column.

Until this video went viral, the location of the violence in the kindergarten which was thought to have come from Malaysia was still unknown. Warganet showed various responses, gripping the teacher’s actions and asking the school to dismiss him from his position as a teacher.

“Do not make stress as an excuse. If you are stressed, just leave. How can a colleague not be aware of his mood on that day. It is important for them to be aware of it so that this incident does not happen again,” said one netizen.

Currently the viral video has been withdrawn from circulation. The Facebook account “Negeri Sembilan Kini” has removed videos of violence in teaching and learning activities.