Uproar! Threatening nuclear war, Russia declares America officially involved in the Ukraine war as a result of doing this great thing

2 min readApr 26, 2022


Russia through Foreign Minister Hegeri Sergei Lavrov warned the West on Monday (25/4) not to look at the increased risk of one-sided conflict. Lavrov also stressed that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is already in a proxy war with Russia if it continues to supply more weapons to Ukraine.

“NATO, in essence, is engaging in war with Russia through a proxy and arming that proxy. War means war,” Lavrov said.

In an interview broadcast by Russian state media, Lavrov said the essence of any peace deal with Ukraine would largely depend on the military situation on the ground.

When asked if the current situation is comparable to the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 which was the lowest point in US relations with the Soviet Union, Lavrov said his side had done everything possible to prevent nuclear war at all costs.

“This is our key position on which we base everything. The risk now is quite large,” Lavrov said.

“I don’t want to artificially increase that risk. A lot of people like it. The danger is serious, real and we shouldn’t underestimate it,” he added.

However, Lavrov said the West’s supply of advanced weapons, including Javelin anti-tank missiles, armored vehicles and advanced drones, to help Ukraine was a provocative measure calculated to prolong the conflict rather than seek to end it.

“These weapons will become legitimate targets for the Russian military acting in the context of special operations,” Lavrov said.

Lavrov further said that Kyiv authorities do not negotiate in good faith and that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, who is a former actor, is similar to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who prioritizes his appearance in public rather than handling the task at hand.

“They are similar in terms of their ability to play in the gallery. For example, they imitate negotiations,” said Lavrov.

Reuters reports Russia’s two-month invasion of Ukraine has left thousands dead or injured, turned cities into rubble and forced more than 5 million people to flee abroad.

Russia called its invasion a “special operation” to disarm Ukraine and protect it from fascists. However, both Ukraine and the West say this is a false pretext for a war of unwarranted aggression by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Lavrov, defended Russia’s actions and also blamed the US for the lack of dialogue.

“The United States has practically stopped all contacts simply because we are obliged to defend Russia in Ukraine,” Lavrov said.