This is Police PR in Revealing the Land Mafia Case Nirina Zubir

The process of investigating the land mafia case that made Nirina Zubir a victim continues. Polda Metro Jaya is still investigating a number of the names involved. In this case, six lands belonging to Cut Indramartini, Nirina’s mother, have changed ownership. The total loss is estimated at IDR 17 billion.

Police have named five people as suspects. The police said the mastermind of the crime, Riri Khasmita, had been detained along with two other people. Meanwhile, the rest have not yet been detained.

Check Two Suspects

The detention of the two suspects has not yet been carried out as investigators’ homework. They are Land Deed Making Officials (PPAT) Erwin Rudian and Ina Rosainaz.

The Head of the Harda Sub-Directorate of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation at the Polda Metro Jaya AKBP Petrus Silalahi said the plan was for the two suspects to be questioned on Monday, next week. Because they were not present at the previous inspection schedule.

“(We had) we postponed the examination until Monday next week. We analyzed it properly and naturally. We have postponed the examination until Monday,” said Petrus, Friday, November 19.

Examination of both to explore various things. Starting from the flow of funds to the process of transferring 6 certificates belonging to Nirina Zubir’s parents to Riri Khasmita.

In addition, Petrus also explained the reasons for not being detained for the two of them. One of them is because they have not been examined yet.

“Detention has subjective and objective elements, later we will see from the subjective element and then we will consider the objective element,” said Petrus.

Alleged involvement of BPN

In addition, in this case investigators are still opening the possibility of increasing the number of suspects. This is because the land mafia case is believed to involve many parties. One of the parties suspected of having involvement is the National Land Agency (BPN).

“The internal parties (who are suspected to be involved) are the internal parties? Like BPN, we are still investigating that,” said Petrus.

The investigation, said Petrus, was carried out because in a land criminal case it was impossible for the perpetrator to act alone. There are several groups that work together so that this action can be carried out. Among them are notary officials. Well, in this case, the police have named three suspects who are notaries. Then the party who funded it. The police are still looking for the financier in this case. Is the suspect funding himself or is there another party. Because, in the action that undeniably requires a large amount of funds.

“Who is funding, who is the financier. Is Riri and her husband themselves or are there other parties who are buyers above Riri, or only Riri. We are still investigating this,” said Petrus