The Defendant, BCA Transferred Wrongly, Threatened Back Policeman of the Reporting Party

Ardi Pratama’s legal adviser, the defendant in the case of wrongly transferred BCA IDR 51 million, admitted that he would report Nur Chusaimah, the former BCA employee who reported this case, on suspicion of giving false testimony or perjury.

This was conveyed by Ardi’s Attorney, R Hendrix Kurniawan. He said that Nur was suspected of having given false oaths during the process of taking BAP at the Police.

“There is a plan by the family to report perjury, when the reporter is questioned by the police,” Hendrix said when confirmed by, Sunday (7/3).

In the minutes of the oath-taking which was held on October 2, 2020, said Hendrix, Nur stated that he was still an employee of BCA. Even though it is known that Nur has retired since April 2020.

“He stated that in the report of the oath taking, he was still an employee. He himself said that April 1 had retired,” he said.

This is what is then considered as information that is inconsistent with the facts. He called Nur’s statement false oath.

“The reporter has clearly committed perjury,” he said.

However, Hendrix said that his party was still waiting for the next trial when Nur was examined as a witness.

“We will still see tomorrow in court, when he is presented. We will see if he is still guided by the BAP, if we are forced to report it,” he said.

Meanwhile, when explaining the matter of this case, Nur said that the report was carried out at the end of August 2020, when he had retired from BCA.

Nur said that this report was done personally. That is because the wrong transfer money has been replaced first with his personal money.

“Because I made a mistake there, how do I change the money to the correct account. In the end, I replaced it, because I retired the next day,” said Nur, Thursday (4/3).

This case began when a resident of Surabaya, Ardi Pratama, received an incoming transfer of Rp. 51 million to his account in March 2020. He thought the money was the result of his commission as a broker.

However, 10 days later, two BCA employees visited Ardi’s house. They said that the Rp. 51 million was the wrong transfer and entered Ardi’s account.

Unfortunately the money has already been used up by Ardi and his family. BCA had also sent a summons to Ardi. But never got a response.

Months later, a former BCA employee then reported Ardi to the police, in August 2020. Then in November 2020, Ardi was officially named a suspect and detained on charges of Article 85 of Law Number 3 of 2011.