Reject Reunion 212, Ferdinand Call the goal is only a transfer of the issue of BLBI and Formula e

Chairman of the Community Justice Foundation Mandiri Ferdinand Hutahaean opposed the plan to implement the 212 reunion in December.

Former Democratic Party cadres said reunion 212 was only an event to divert some of the current issues.

“For me, the reunion 212 is a goal 2 without 1 2, namely: 1. Blinding BLBI debts by making noise. 2. Make a covid cluster in Jakarta so that there is a reason to delay the LG Formula e Spy Maling survived. Do you think with me? RT is, like if I think, “he wrote on his Twitter account on Friday (26/11/2021).

Therefore, Ferdinand hopes DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan and the police do not allow the 212 reunion event to be held.

The alumni brotherhood (PA) 212 plans to hold the grand reunion near the National Monument, Central Jakarta, on December 2, 2021.

“I hope the governor does not allow anyway, the calmness of the land in Jakarta for this 212 reunion,” said Ferdinand, launched on Friday (11/26/2021).

He hopes the police will also strictly reject the request for the permission of the activity.
“I hope that firm action should be carried out on the 212 reunion implementer if it is forced,” Ferdinand continued.

Ferdinand assessed that the grand reunion was not worthy of being shown to the public. In addition, continued Ferdinand, the 212 reunion has the potential to make a Covid-19 case in the capital again.

“Reunion 212 is a democratic crime reunion. This 212 reunion is the reunion of the bar-bars of democracy in Jakarta, “Ferdinand said.

Previously, PA 212 had also submitted a request for a reunion permit to the Metro Jaya Regional Police and the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government regarding the organization of the 212 reunion. (MSN / Fajar)