PPKM Level 4 Extended Until August 9, 2021, Jokowi Promises to Accelerate Social Assistance

President Jokowi officially extended PPKM Level 4 until August 9, 2021. To reduce the burden on the community, Jokowi promised to accelerate the distribution of social assistance or social assistance.

“The government continues to encourage the acceleration of the distribution of social assistance,” said Jokowi in a virtual press conference on Monday, August 2, 2021.

Starting from the Family Hope Program (PKH), Cash Social Assistance (BST), to BLT Desa. Then, assistance for MSME businesses such as stalls and street vendors (PKL).

Then, there is also a wage subsidy which, according to Jokowi, is already running. Lastly, the Banpres for Micro Business Productivity (BPUM), which was launched on July 30, 2021.

Previously, the government had made a number of PPKM policies. Starting from Emergency PPKM from 3–20 July 2021. Then, PPKM Level 4 from 21–2 August 2021. According to Jokowi, this PPKM has been officially extended to 9 August 2021 due to the development of Covid-19 cases in the past week.

Previously, the government had extended PPKM Level 4 from 26 July to 2 August. In contrast to Emergency PPKM, the government provides concessions for economic activity.

During PPKM Level 4, restaurants to street vendors can receive guests to eat on the spot, but is limited to only 20 minutes. Meanwhile, during Emergency PPKM, restaurant business owners are absolutely not allowed to accept visitors who eat on the spot.

In addition, during PPKM Level 4, the government allows people’s markets that sell other than basic daily needs to operate with a maximum capacity of 50 percent until 15.00. Further arrangements are made by the local government.

Street vendors, grocery stores, voucher agents or outlets, barbershops, laundromats, hawkers, small workshops, car wash stations, and other similar small businesses in the Level 4 PPKM area are also allowed to open with strict health protocols. Businesses that fall into this category can operate until 21.00 with the detailed technical arrangements determined by the local government.



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