Polda Metro Disperses Halloween Party Crowd in SCBD Area

The Directorate of Drug Investigation of the Polda Metro Jaya dispersed a crowd that had just finished attending the Halloween party until after midnight in the Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD) area, South Jakarta, Saturday (10/30/2021) early in the morning.

“So tonight what we are doing is disbanding,” said Head of Sub-Directorate 1 of the Narcotics Directorate of the Metro Jaya Police AKBP Ferry Nur Abdullah in Jakarta.

Ferry revealed, personnel from the Drugs and Drugs Directorate of the Metro Jaya Police held a health protocol enforcement patrol on Saturday morning starting at 00.00 WIB until around 3.30 WIB.

The team started patrols for implementing health protocols or health care protocols from South Jakarta, then Daan Mogot, West Jakarta and Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), North Jakarta, and then proceeded to the South Tangerang area.

When passing through the SCBD area, South Jakarta, Ferry admitted that he found a crowd of people hanging out. When his team came to them, it was discovered that the crowd was visitors to cafes and bars around SCBD holding a Halloween themed party.

Cafes and bars in the area have actually complied with PPKM level 2 rules by stopping their operations according to the set hours, which is 00.00 WIB. But even though the cafes and bars have closed, visitors still hang out around the cafe and spark a crowd.

“In the South Jakarta area, there are several locations for entertainment venues in the SCBD area, we saw earlier at 00.00 WIB, they had dispersed, they were finished, but there were so many crowds,” he said.

Not only that, the police also found many cafe and bar visitors who were not wearing masks.

“Earlier there were some visitors who when they came out of the nightclub the masks were missing or not there,” he said.

urges cafes to provide masks
Ferry added, the Directorate of Drugs and Drugs at the Metro Jaya Police also gave an appeal to the management of bars and cafes to provide masks for visitors who forget to wear masks or lose their masks.

“Earlier we had appealed to the management rather than nightclubs to prepare masks in the future, earlier we also gave masks to visitors to nightclubs whose masks were missing or missing,” he concluded.