Human-to-Human Transmission Revealed: Bats Carried Through Intermediary Animals

The fact-finding team on the origin of the SARV-Cov-2 corona virus came to a conclusion. They stated that the virus that triggers the COVID-19 was transmitted from animals to humans.

The WHO team that conducted research in Wuhan, China, said bats carried the virus to humans through intermediate animals. It is not called what animal it is.

The fact-finding team insists that the virus theory stems from a lab leak are simply not true.

“The intermediate host hypothesis is very likely, while the theory of the virus resulting from a lab leak is highly unlikely,” wrote the report by the WHO investigative team, whose copy of the report was seen by the AFP news agency.

The report on the international mission to Wuhan has been highly anticipated by the public, since the team completed its investigation in Wuhan in early 2021.

The publication of the report was delayed. It is suspected that this happened because of problems with the coordination of the WHO research team with Chinese colleagues.

Initially the report would be submitted on February 9, 2021, right on the last day of the investigation.

However, in the press conference after the completion of the investigation, the WHO team and their colleagues from China could not come to a definite conclusion.

AFP news agency itself has received a conclusion report on Monday (29/3/2021). In fact, the report has not been officially released.