Family Viral Holds Husband-Seeking Competition for Their Children, Gets Cars, Houses and 2 Hectares of Land

3 min readApr 28, 2022


Finding a mate is not always smooth. But who would have thought that this one problem would make a family desperate to hold a competition and are ready to give away a 2-hectare land?

This is what is seen in an announcement that went viral on the Instagram account @romansasopirtruck. The announcement, which was printed on shabby white HVS paper with a few creases and splashes of oil, contained the content of a contest that made the public gawk.

This is because the H. Jallani family, who lives in Betek Village, Krucil District, held a competition with fantastic prizes for men who were willing to marry their daughter, Arofa Wati.

It was not without reason that the H. Jallani family was desperate to hold the contest. Apparently they intend to find a man who is willing to marry the princess who is now in two bodies.

“Announcement. Anyone who wants to marry my daughter, who is currently pregnant out of wedlock, whose name is AROFA WATI,” was the first paragraph of the announcement.

No kidding, the bride’s family is ready to give many gifts for anyone who is willing to marry Arofa Wati. Starting from cash to expensive assets ready to be poured out for the prospective son-in-law.

The family went viral holding a competition with prizes of cash, car, house and 2 hectares of land for their child’s future husband.
“We, from the Arofa/H. Jallani family, will give gifts to people who want to marry my daughter,” said a family representative.

“With prizes: 1 Avanza car and 1 house for Arofa and her husband, as well as cash in the amount of: Rp. 25,000,000, twenty-five million rupiah AT ALL 2 hectares of land,” he continued.

Like general competition announcements, family representatives also left a WhatsApp number where they could be contacted. They also printed a photo of the princess who was ready to be married by the man who won the competition.

“My address is Betek Village, Krucil District, for more information, please contact us directly via the number above (H. Jallani),” he concluded.

Of course, the announcement of this eccentric contest immediately caught the attention of many netizens. However, the comments made by the public seemed no less eccentric, because even a wife offered her husband to take part in the contest.

“Wait a minute, the wife’s permission first,” said the warganet.

“Wow, I saw the info tempting faith this morning,” said the netizen.

“My husband didn’t offer it.. he didn’t even want to.. I already allowed him, he even said that I had lost my mind..” joked the netizen.

“I don’t participate in making (but) take care of it,” continued another netizen, focusing on the prospective child who was being conceived by a woman in the announcement of the competition.

“With a dowry of 1 billion,” commented the netizen.

“Auto crazy rich wkwkwk,” said another.