Donald Trump Says US Will Go To Hell: Our Country Is Being Destroyed

2 min readApr 24, 2022


Former US President Donald Trump says the Democrats and the Joe Biden administration are destroying the United States. He said the United States would go to hell.

“The fact is that the election was rigged and stolen. Now our country is being destroyed, our country is going to hell. We’ve never experienced anything like this,” Trump told supporters at a rally Saturday in Delaware, Ohio.

Trump mocked Biden with several incidents that happened before. He called Biden confused and somewhat awkward. “Our current president, unfortunately, has absolutely no idea what is going on. He shook hands in the air, he walked a bit confused and took orders from the Easter bunny,” Trump said.

He added that Biden did all this while Russian President Vladimir Putin did nothing but talk about nuclear weapons. “And it’s destroying the world,” he said.

According to Trump, the Joe Biden administration is to blame for high gas prices and record inflation in the United States. “We have a very crossed signal in our country,” the former president said.

On Tuesday, The Hill cited two sources that Joe Biden had told former US president Barack Obama that he would run for re-election in 2024. Biden reportedly believes he is the only one who can beat Donald Trump.