Detention Case in Depok Stalled for 3 Months, Victim: It’s Useless to Report Police

It has been more than three months since the alleged case of confinement that occurred at the Margo Hotel, Depok City has yet to come to light. The Depok Metro Police have not yet submitted the case file to the Depok District Attorney.

The victim of captivity, Atet Handiyana Juliandri Sihombing, complained about the slow process of investigating the case he was experiencing. According to him, there are many irregularities in the attitude of the Depok Metro Police in this case.

“What is this, why is it not clear, I hope, why is it like this,” the businessman told reporters in Depok, Tuesday, December 21, 2021.

Handiyana, through her attorney, also questioned the progress of her case to the Depok Metro Police on 2 December. It was stated that there were five suspects in the case of confinement at the hotel.

“There are no significant developments related to the investigation of this case,” said Handiayana. “If you are held captive, beaten, kicked, held at gunpoint, the person is then released, is there no fear, while he knows our house?”
The victim had asked about the case to the Depok District Attorney. No files have yet been submitted regarding the case of the businessman’s confinement in Depok. “Not a single file was submitted to the prosecutor’s office, even though they gave two letters to the Resort Police, but there was no response,” said Handiyana.

Handiyana also confirmed that there were many hashtags that said it was useless to report to the police in his case.
“Yes, if it’s like this, it’s really useless to report to the police, what do you do, it’s not processed, it’s better not to report it to the police so I don’t expect it like this,” he said.

Handiyana, 44 years old, was held captive for three days from August 25 to 27 at the Margo Hotel on Jalan Margonda, Depok. He was imprisoned by his own employees for allegedly embezzling company money.

Handiyana’s wife also became a victim of hostage-taking.

Handiyana managed to escape from being held hostage when she got a chance to leave the hotel room and screamed until someone in the room heard and saved her.


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