Conditions for Covid patients to be treated at Pondok Gede Hajj Dormitory

Director General of Health Services at the Ministry of Health Abdul Kadir said Covid-19 patients must first fill out the National Integrated Referral Information System (Sisrutenas) application to get treatment at Pondok Gede Hajj Dormitory, Jakarta.

This application is a condition that must be fulfilled by patients before receiving treatment at the facility.

“This Sisrutenas is filled out by the nearest hospital or health center from the patient’s residence,” said Abdul Kadir in a written statement, Tuesday (13/7).

He said this application is related to the referrals and history of patients who have been registered by the Puskesmas.

“So that when referred here (Hajj Dormitory) they can get the appropriate treatment,” said Abdul Kadir.

Abdul Kadir also explained that his party was optimizing all buildings in the Hajj hostel to be able to serve Covid-19 patients. Meanwhile, the management is an extension of several hospitals.

The hospitals are Dharmais Hospital which will manage services in Building A, Harapan Kita Hospital which will manage Building B, City Hospital which manages Building C, Bogor Marzoeki Mahdi Hospital which manages Building H, and Mother and Child Mother Hospital which manages D5 building.

“We are optimizing all services for all buildings in the Hajj hostel, preparing as many places as possible, hospital extensions so that we can monitor directly and of course be more coordinated,” he said.

In addition to facilities and infrastructure, the Ministry of Health said he had also prepared health workers (nakes) to provide services to patients treated at Pondok Gede Hajj Dormitory.

“The health workers who are focused on the Hajj dormitory are 350 people from all over the region with 78 specialists. The health workers we have prepared are experienced professionals in their fields and all stay in the Hajj hostel,” said Abdul Kadir.

The five buildings that have been prepared for the treatment of Covid-19 patients are buildings A, B, C, H and D5. One building that has been used for intensive care of Covid-19 patients with moderate and severe symptoms is the Arafah Building.

The two buildings that will be used as accommodation for health workers are the D3 and D4 buildings.



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