Ahead of Ramadan, the Minister of Religion of Yaqut Forbids Tadarus and Tarawih to Use Loudspeakers

2 min readMar 3, 2022

Ahead of the month of Ramadan, the Minister of Religion of Yaqut forbade tadarus and tarawih using loudspeakers.

Circular (SE) from the Minister of Religion (Menag) Yaqut C. Qoumas numbered SE Minister of Religion №05/2022 concerning guidelines for using loudspeakers in mosques and prayer rooms also regulates the tarawih and tadarus prayers during Ramadan.

In addition, the circular regulates the tarawih prayers and the tadarus of the Koran during Ramadan.

Reportedly in the regulation it is written that the tarawih prayer or the Qur’anic tadarus performed in the month of Ramadan do not use external loudspeakers, but only use internal voices.

“The use of loudspeakers in the month of Ramadan is good for carrying out tarawih prayers, lectures / Ramadan studies, and tadarus loudspeakers in,” the regulation states.

The regulation also states that internal loudspeakers are loudspeakers that are used and directed into the mosque and prayer rooms only.

Meanwhile, the external loudspeakers are enabled or directed to the outside of the mosque and prayer room to be used only when calling the call to prayer.

Not only regulations related to tarawih using loudspeakers outside the mosque, the Minister of Religion also regulates events related to Islamic Holidays (PHBI).

As for the implementation of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha prayers, it can be done using external loudspeakers.